Voice CID Patent Pending!



Named Inventor:  Paul Francis Finnigan


A method and apparatus using voice signatures for identification, authentication and connection of calls from known, desired telephone callers, and blocking of calls from unknown, unwanted telephone callers.

Prior Art:

An extensive search of patents issued and applications on file with the USPTO has been conducted. It is the opinion of the applicant that while numerous patents include solutions employing voice signature and/or voice print, no solutions found included a similar process, features or produce equivalent results relating to blocking of unwanted telephone calls.

Patent Application:

A provisional patent application has been filed with the USPTO and it is the intention of the applicant to submit a formal application within the one year time period granted by the USPTO.  Applications for international patents are currently being prepared.

Patent Licensing:

It is the intention of the patent applicant to sell and/or license the intellectual property relating to Voice-CID to Phone Service Providers, Network Service Operators and/or Caller Protection Software Companies.  

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