Call Flow Summary


  • When the call is placed, the Caller hears "Who's calling?"
  • Caller answers, "Dave Smith" or "Dave" or "Pop Pop" or "Its Me". 
  • VCID checks the Voice Signature (VS) against the Party's contact file (PCF)
  • VS found, the call is answered.
  • VS not found, the VCID checks CID against the PCF. (if CID) 
  • CID found, the VS is added to the PCF and call is answered.
  • CID not provided or not found, the VCID asks Caller "enter or say phone #".
  • Phone # is checked against the PCF.
  • Phone # found, VS added to the CF and call is answered.
  • Phone # not found, VCID asks Caller to send TXT intro - call back.
  • Party reviews the TXT messages and may add Caller to the PCF.
  • Caller may chose VCID emergency option and call is answered.

         Reasons for VS not found                            Reasons for CID (Phone #) not found.

         - Caller not previously authenticated.       -  No CID provided.

         - Caller using different greeting.               -  Caller not listed in PCF.

         - Caller has a cold.                                      -  Caller using borrowed phone.

         - Caller is in a noisy auto or airport.         -  Caller using public phone.


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